Damn Corona !

Damn Corona !

Damn Corona !!!

Really and truly, what on earth is going on ?

A year ago I spoke to a good friend of mine, Jean, about my concerns over chemtrails, 5g, climate change and lots of other things that affect the environment and the health of the animals and people.  She said to me at the time, don’t worry Catherine, the earth will look after itself.  I think that time has come and I think the world we live in is resetting and changing.

First of all we had the bush fires in Australia which caused people to lose their homes, their lives and the lives of many,many animals.

Now we have the Corona Virus, or Covid-19 as they call it, which apparently originated from people eating bats in China.  Now China are over the hump of this terrible virus and will be supplying Ireland with ventilators, hospital gowns etc.  Their economy is now going to boom again.

Through the fear of contracting this virus or the fear of my parents and other elderly people in our society getting it, I decided to focus on the positive things which are coming out of this pandemic.

We are no longer operating as a “Me” anymore.  We are operating as a “We”.  We have come together as a family and as a community to help each other through this crisis.  We’re ensuring that our elderly neighbours have shopping in, that they can go shopping at a quieter time when there is a less chance of contracting the virus.  Our friends in social welfare have been working around the clock to ensure that those who lost their jobs, would get a payment.  Thousands of people have volunteered themselves to help out in the hospitals.  You also have random volunteers offering to mind children whose parents have to work through the crisis.

Because of the “Lockdown”, we have less planes in the sky and less cars on the road improving the quality of the air we are breathing.  And did you see in Venice, you can now see the fish in the water because there are no boats polluting the water.

I believe the world is changing for the better.  The way we work, the way we school and the way we do things will all change.  Employers will see that it is now possible and cost effective for staff to work from home.  This in turn will reduce gridlock which will also reduce our air pollution.

Maybe schools will see that there may be other ways to educate our children.  It also gets us parents to be more involved in our children’s schooling.

And one more thing, being in “lockdown” is forcing us to slow down and relax a bit more.  It’s giving us time to do the things we like to do like reading a book, being creative, gardening.

And for me, I have more time to do my meditation which keeps me grounded and in the “Now”.  It sets my mind straight and keeps me calm especially when the boys are driving me mad 🤣🤣.

So, that’s the end of my positive diatribe on the Corona Virus.  We must take our responsibility to ourselves, our families, our neighbours and the public very seriously.  We have a duty to be mindful of everything we do right now.

  • Keeping our hands washed following the recommendations to wash for 20 seconds
  • Sneezing and coughing in to our elbows or tissues instead of in to the air
  • Using plastic gloves in public whilst shopping and getting petrol
  • Ensuring that we keep our distance (2 metres) from others and that our children keep their distance from others too
  • Don’t share bottles or cups.
  • Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

So, watch this space, the world itsa changing !

Be safe everyone  

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