Hi there,

Here are some visualisations for you to listen to while you embark on your IVF journey.  Use the Relaxations as much as possible and before you do the other visualisations.

Use the IVF Preparation visualisation every day while you are on your stimulation drugs.

After Egg Collection start doing the Visualisation for Embryo Transfer every day, until transfer.

After transfer, start doing the Visualisation for Implantation every day until you get to test.

I apologise that the sound quality isn’t great. I hope to improve these in the near future (figures crossed !!!)

Please note, these visualisations are for your own personal use and not to be shared, unless its with your husband, of course !!!

I wish you all the best and great success with your treatment.

Catherine xx

Relaxation Visualisations

Visualisations to guide you on your IVF Journey