It’s All In The Face

It’s All In The Face


Our faces tell a story….the story of our lives !!

Have you bumped into a friend in the school yard or on the street and said “You didn’t get much sleep last night !”.   Or you see this smiling face coming towards you and you think “oh, they’re really happy”.  Everything we do, feel or think is shown in our faces.  Consciously and unconsciously our thoughts are displayed in our facial expressions, which are another form of communicating with others. It is all these facial expressions that can build tension in our facial muscles adding to our lines and wrinkles.  

In comes Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

By releasing tension in the muscles in the face, we can release built up stress and emotions.  Because of the proximity of the face to the Central Nervous System, Facial Reflexology is powerfully effective for releasing stress, anxiety, tension headaches, sinus issues, inflammation etc.  Like Foot Reflexology, the areas of the body are mapped out on the face. Your therapist focuses on these Reflex points to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms which in turn helps improve circulation and nerve conduction whilst encouraging the release of toxins from the body via the lymphatic system.  Some of the techniques used in this treatment are derived from the Native Americans.

Anti Aging

But it’s not only good for the body and soul.  Due to the rhythmic massages and manipulation of the Facial Reflexes;

Your facial tissue is Oxygenated

Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out

The production of Collagen and Elastin is stimulated

The circulation to the face and head area is improved

Your skin is toned

Puffiness is reduced or eliminated

Lymphatic Drainage is improved aiding the release of toxins and waste products

Glowing and Radiant skin

But I have Botox and Fillers……

If you have Botox in just a small localised area, then Facial Reflexology can be performed after 3 weeks have passed.  Facial Reflexology helps eliminate toxins from the body and may remove the botox effects which you have paid for.

If you have fillers, I can treat you after the inital 3 weeks have passed however, I may not be able to effectively stimulate certain Reflex points where the filler is located.

12 weeks of Zone Face Lift which is based on Reflexology can take 10 years off your face !!!

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