Reflexology for Detox

Reflexology for Detox

The good thing about January is, you get to start everything afresh again.  After indulging in all the Christmas delights, I welcome the opportunity to make decisions on how I want to detox my life… body, mind and even my house.  I’ve already cut out my beloved Brennans batch bread because it induces terrible brain fog when I eat too much and I have introduced probiotics in the form of ferments like Milk Kefir, Sauerkraut, ginger bug, Master Tonic and Kombucha.  Of course, we can also detox our bodies by being mindful of the creams and cosmetics we put on our skin.  Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed in to our blood stream.  For this I use products from Neals Yard Remedies which are natural and organic,  Exercise is another way of improving our health and also helps to detox the impurities from our bodies.  An app like Headspace is a great way to learn mindfulness which will organise your mind.  It only takes a few minutes every day to meditate but if you’re like me, it is hard to find those few minutes, so note to self, first thing in the morning is good !!


BUT, how would you like to get rid of all those nasty toxins by lying on a bed and letting someone else massage your feet ?  Yes it is that easy !  Reflexology naturally encourages the body to flush out toxins by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic movement.  Every organ and function in the body has a reflex point on the foot which a Reflexologist applies pressure to and massages, stimulating every organ to release stored toxins.  It also has the added benefit of relaxing the mind and inducing a state of calm bringing the body back to homeostasis, thus maximising its ability to heal – physically, emotionally and mentally.  Having a reflexology session every 4 to 5 weeks will help keep the body in balance.

It is important that plenty of water or herbal teas are drunk to aid in the detoxification after a reflexology session.

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