Detox, the Ayurveda Way

My Experience with Detoxing, the Ayurveda Way

This past year I have been exploring Ayurveda, which is a meal plan based on Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healthcare.  It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater !!!  I learnt about this system through who regularly hold free webinars on how to eat for your dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).  See below for details of the next webinar.

So, this was actually my first detox.  There wasn’t a juice in sight !  You actually got to eat !!!  And the good news is, by the end of it, my mind was clear, my body was clear, I had loads of energy and I lost 4kg !!!


Before you embark on this Detox, you should watch this webinar where the ayurvedic doctors and Noel explain about the Spring Detox, and just see if it is suitable for you to do.  Spring Detox.   Or, you could register for the next webinar which is on April 9th at 7.30pm (See link below)

So, before the start date of the Detox, which is doctor led, you receive an email with the herbal protocol, instructions and your recipes.  You learn more recipes in the group as the detox progresses.

You receive a pack in the post with all the herbal remedies you need to take during the course of the detox.

There are a number of Zoom calls before and during the detox to see how everyone is getting on.  And they also ran an evening of yoga to help us.

You will be put in a Whatsapp group where you have access to Dr. Donn Brennan and Dr. Rajvinder, the curator of this detox. If you are having any issues or have any questions at all, you can ask them.  They are doing the detox with us.  Mind you, the poor doctors were run off their feet with all the questions !!!

We also had to indulge in 3 baths/saunas in the week to sweat out the toxins and heavy metals from our skin.  You wouldn’t need to ask me twice to this 😂😂.


Well, we start the day drinking 2 cups of warm water the minute you wake up.  I did this by keeping a flask of warm water by the side of the bed so it’s there on waking.

At this time we also take our first lot of herbal remedies.  At 9am we sip on warm water, with lemon and some honey.  We sipped on our detox tea throughout the day which we had to boil up and strain.  It was actually OK !   Now, if you were absolutely starving, you could have stewed fruit or porridge.

1pm was lunch time. By this time you are quite hungry. We had recipes with soups, Kitchari (rice and beans), Quinoa and vegetables etc. The recipes catered for lunch and tea, so I would make up the recipe, put half in a flask for tea and then eat the other half. It made life so easy doing it that way. At lunchtime you also take some herbal remedies and also at tea time. You take your last lot of remedies at bed time.


Well, hands down, Day 2 was my worst day. The detox hit me in my most vulnerable area, my sinuses.  I had that headache which affects your stomach and I was feeling very unwell.  I decided that day I would have to do porridge and some stewed pear.  Once made, I went back to bed, used some of my Nasya Oil for my sinuses and verrrrry slowly ate my porridge.  By 12pm I was good enough to do a bit of yoga !!!  The rest of the day went as normal.


The only other day I found tough was the Friday (Day 6).  Cravings were kicking in. I decided that I actually wasn’t feeling really hungry on any of the other days so I decided that I would do the soup that day.  Yes, I did feel hungry on the soup and as I did my walk, I was slower and felt much weaker.  This day wasn’t helped by the fact that Friday is our takeaway day in my house.  While I was on a Zoom call with the group on Friday evening, my boys came in with a big slap up of chips, chicken dumplings and other stuff.  One of the boys tried to feed me a chip while I was on the call.  “It’s only a chip mam !!”.  I refrained.  Then my husband walks in with a box of chocolate brownies and says “they’re for you when you finish your detox….. OMG !!”.  They went in the freezer.

Sunday, detox is over, I had loads of energy to do all the housework I didn’t do during the week !! I enjoyed by detox. As I said before, lost 4kg, whoop, whoop ! My head is so clear and I feel wonderful.

When is the next Detox ?

Ayurveda are holding their next detox on 29th April, 2021.  If you would like to register for the webinar on April 9th at 7.30, that goes with this particular detox, Click Here
Their next free online Ayurveda course starts 6th April, 2021.  Click Here to register