Autumn is here……

I was out for a walk this morning and was blown away by the myriad of colours before me.  It was a sheer joy to see.  As much as I love the sunshine in Summer, you just can’t beat the colours of the leaves on the trees and on the ground.  I just want to paint the picture !!  It got me thinking about Autumn though and how these beautiful leaves indicate CHANGE.  It emphasizes how life is always changing and we are always changing also.

As leaves change their colour, we also make changes to bring extra COMFORT in to our lives.  We wear warmer clothes, we pull out the blankets (well I do !) and we dig out the hats and scarves in preparation for the colder weather.  We also bring comfort to our houses by making them cosy and snug by ensuring we have our logs in, that our oil tanks are full or our gas boilers are working.

Autumn is also the time for PROTECTION.  It’s the time when we think about our health by boosting our immune system with vitamins, healthy foods, probiotics and ensuring our cough bottles, echinacea, essential oils and other remedies are on hand.

As the Autumn Equinox kicks in, Day and Night are the same length, bringing BALANCE in to our lives.  This would be a great time to bring further balance and equilibrium into your body, mind, and soul by seeking a holistic treatment such as Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga etc. which are designed to do this for you and are also a joy to receive.