New Years Resolutions

 Tomorrow is the first blank page

of a 365 page book.

Write a good one !!!   

~ Brad Paisley

So,  Happy New Year  everyone and I hope you all had a great Christmas.  Let 2020 be a great year for you all !

I have to admit, I was one of those people that quit making New Year’s Resolutions, basically because I never keep them.  It really is so difficult, which is why we all tend to quit !

However, this year, my approach is going to be completely different because I believe that you need to make resolutions that bring you Joy and are a joy to do.

So, this year I’m getting ORGANISED because it will make me really happy if I can balance my Family, my business and taking time for myself.  And to help me with getting organised, my hubby gave me a wonderful Christmas present called a Rocketbook.

Rocketbook, what is that I hear you ask ???  Well, in a nutshell, it is a reusable notebook which you can use for planning, journaling, calendaring or for anything you want to use it for.  You simply write up what’s on your mind, your plans, goals, calendar and take a snapshot of your page and it is filed in the cloud. (I use Evernote for most of my “cloud” work).  You then wipe your page with a damp cloth and start again.  So my plan is to use it to set my goals, write up my todo lists and include checkboxes to make sure I complete all I need to complete.

So, what’s on my Resolutions list this year.  Well there are some things which are non-negotiable for me.  Most of these things I have been doing in some capacity anyway;

  • MEDITATION to bring inner calm and allowing me to see things more clearly.  I have been doing meditation for many years now and I love it.
  • JOURNALING, a way to get everything out of my head and down on paper.  This includes my thoughts, ideas, feelings and anything else that’s on my mind.  And while I am writing in my journal, I will also be doing my
  • GRATITUDE LIST.  Being grateful for what you have attracts other things in to your life.  Read my other Blog Post on Gratitude !
  • TAPPING. Clearing my negative blocks by tapping on certain meridians on the body and tapping the positives in to my subconscious.
  • YOGA, another great way to connect with yourself and the universe whilst also keeping you trim and fit.
  • TAKE TIME OUT for myself to read and learn and do somethings that I want to do.  Because, as the saying goes, “All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy !” 
  • GET FIT AND HEALTHY. I say it every year but sometimes everything just goes to pot because I simply run out of time in the day to exercise and have healthy snacks on the ready.

And last but not least, and it’s bad news for my family, but I will be DELEGATING some housework to the rest of my family so I can slowly remove that sign on my forehead which says “SLAVE”  !!

In a nutshell, ORGANISING myself to include everything that I love to do is what 2020 is all about for me and is what will guide me to success.

I would like to wish everyone many blessings for the New Year  and hope to see you all soon.