Virtual Facial Reflexology


Virtual Facial Reflexology

30-40 minutes – €30

If you’re looking for an award-winning treatment from the comfort of your own home, I am now providing access to our specialist Facial Reflexology self-care sessions via Zoom. Don’t worry if you have never tried it, I will talk you through everything you’ll need to know, step by step.

What does Virtual Facial Reflexology involve?

Firstly, I will send you a link to join a video call with me. Before the video call, I will contact you with a range of questions designed to understand what you would like to get from the treatment. For instance, if you are getting symptoms or pain, I can see if we can do anything to improve things.

What problems can Facial Reflexology help with?

Virtual Facial Reflexology has been shown to help with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lifts the Mood
  • Oxygenates Facial Muscles
  • Can smooth away tension
  • Improve Headaches
  • Bruxism and teeth grinding

Plus many more…

If your problem isn’t listed above, give me a call to discuss whether you would benefit from a Virtual Facial Reflexology treatment or an appointment in the clinic.

On the day…

Firstly, ensure that your hands and face are clean and that you have a facial oil, balm or moisturiser to hand.  If you have a teaspoon, that would be good too.

Once you are comfortable, I begin the practical element of the session where you will follow my techniques and mirror these on your own face.  I will be able to see you and can check your pressure and technique every step of the way as I guide you through a short Facial Reflexology sequence. In addition, the treatment will also include relaxing and stretching movements. We will end with a calming meditation which will aim to help you let go of any stress or worries.

3 x Virtual Bespoke Facial Reflexology Treatments – €75

Why not save by buying a package of 3 bespoke treatments which can be arranged online at a time that suits you !

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