What your Nail Varnish Colour Says About You.

What your Nail Varnish Colour Says About You.

As a Reflexology Therapist, I am very drawn to feet.  Even though many people are squeamish about showing off their feet, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because every pair of feet I have the pleasure of meeting, tell me a story.  It could be findings I have come across as I perform reflexology, it could the where the calluses are placed on the feet, it could be the colour of nail varnish you wear on your toes.

Although you might think that you are picking a certain colour of nail varnish to maybe go with an outfit, it could also be that your subconscious is drawing you to a certain colour depending on what is going on in your life at that time and how you are feeling.  So here is a little run down of what the different colours mean;

Red – Energy

A lighter red indicates that you are an ambitious person whilst a darker red indicates that you wish you had more energy in your life to fulfil your ambitions.

Orange – Joy

Wearing the wonderful bright colour of joyful orange means you want to attract more fun in to your life.

Yellow – Detachment

A very bright person wears yellow.  You are full of curiosity and wish to attract more happiness in to your life.

Green – Harmony

If you wear green nail varnish, you tend to look for the best in everyone.  You strive for peace and calm in your life.

Blue – Relaxation

Wearing blue indicates that you wish to attract patience, perseverance and peacefulness into your life.  You also want to attract truthfulness and honesty.

Indigo – Perception

Do you want to be more perceptive and intuitive ?  When you want to achieve something difficult, you will wear this colour.

Violet – Dignity

You will wear violet if you want to be respected for who you are.

Magenta – Compassion

Wearing this colour indicates that you would like to be more organised and feel better about yourself.  Magenta is the colour used to help us let go of the past and  to change any habits which no longer serves us.  It is the colour of compassion and nurturing.

White – Completeness

Wearing white nail varnish indicates that you want to attract more peace and overcome problems in your life.  It tends to be worn by people who are feeling stressed out.

Black – Control

Black is worn by people who want to ward off negativity or want to stand on their own to feet and face their fears.

Brown – Comfort

Do you want to attract more comfort and security in to your life ?  People who wear this colour also want to feel safe and grounded.

Pink – Love

Wearing pink indicates that you want to attract more love and affection in to your life.

Gold – Maturity

You wear gold when you need to meet new challenges and sparkle.

Silver – Reflective

Silver is the colour to wear when you are going through a phase of reflection and want to resolve emotional disputes and stay calm.

Turquoise – Independence

Wearing turquoise indicates that you want to attract more freedom and independence in to your life.


I have taken the above information from a wonderful book I am reading called The Foot Reading Coach by Jane Sheehan.


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