~ New Term Starting Thursday 31st August @ 7pm in the Yoga Well Dunshaughlin ~

Package 1: 6 x Pregnancy Yoga Classes – €85

Enjoy 6 weeks of blissful Me Time with a wonderful community of ladies.

We will start off the class seeing how everyone is before embarking on some centering so we can completely quieten our minds and let go of the day.

Next we will draw our attention to our breath.  Each week we will practice different breathing techniques which will help you during your pregnancy and during the birth.  During pregnancy, you are now breathing for two so the oxygen needs of the baby needs to be met.

After our breath work, we will start moving gently into our yoga postures, working to strengthen our joints and our muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor and making a nurturing and comfortable space in your body, for you and your baby.

On occasion we will include some EFT Tapping for the release of stress and anxiety.  We will end the class with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Package 2: 6 x Pregnancy Yoga Classes & Pregnancy Pamper Package – €185 (Saving of €20)

Enjoy 6 weeks blissful Me Time with a wonderful community of ladies.

And also enjoy a very relaxing 2 hour Pamper Package.  There are 2 packages to choose from.  A lying down package and a sitting up package.  Treatments included vary depending on your chosen package:-

  • Warm Seaweed Foot soak to soothe aching & swollen feet.
  • Holistic Facial to restore the radiance of your skin with delicious natural and organic skincare products and steamy hot towels.
  • Sound Bath to induce a deep sense of blissful relaxation leaving you calm and stress free.
  • Mini Facial Reflexology including shoulder, neck, head and scalp massage to release tension.
  • Pregnancy Reflexology to balance the body, mind and spirit.
  • A hand pamper incuding cleanse, scrub, serum and moisturise.
  • Reiki Energy treatment
  • Hot Stone Calf Massage

Package 3: 6 x Pregnancy Yoga Classes & 3 x Pregnancy Reflexology Treatment Package – €235 (Saving of €30)

Enjoy 6 weeks blissful Me Time with a wonderful community of ladies.

And also enjoy 3 x Pregnancy Reflexology treatments.  Pregnancy Reflexology is a gentle and natural therapy and can help ease some of the minor disorders associated with pregnancy such as;

  • Disgestive – Heartburn, Indigestion, Constipation and Haemorrhoids
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Muscular Aches and Pains such as Labour Sciatica, Symphysis Pubis Diastasis and lower Back pain
  • Stress and Anxiety

Use the Book an Appointment button on my website to book your Pregnancy Reflexology treatments.

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