Your First Reflexology Treatment

Your First Reflexology Treatment


So, you have never had a Reflexology treatment before and you would love to know what happens ??  This post will give you a brief idea of what happens…….

Reflexology Consultation Form

Prior to or on the day of your treatment, you will be required to complete a Reflexology Consultation Form so that I will have an understanding of your medical history and can tailor the treatment to you.  At the beginning of every treatment, we will also have a discussion on what’s going on and what you would like to achieve from your session. Some medical conditions may need a further Consent Form to be completed by your GP to say that it is OK for you to have a Reflexology Treatment.

All therapists will give a brief description of how Reflexology works. Reflexology will not cure a specific illness, but what it will do is reduce stress and balance the body systems so that the body can nurture and repair itself and reduce any pain that the client may have.

As a therapist, I can perform Reflexology on the feet, hands and on the face. Sometimes I may perform a treatment on two areas in one session, for instance, I might do a mini treatment on the Face and then move to the client’s Feet. They are all wonderfully relaxing treatments and most clients will fall asleep.  During a treatment,  because you are so relaxed, it is not unusual for your stomach to start rumbling.  This is known as the therapists applause !!

Is Reflexology tickly ?

A lot of people will not get Reflexology on the feet because they think it might be tickly. Well, it’s not !! A therapist uses their fingers, thumbs and hands to gently walk and massage every part of the foot and lower leg looking for imbalances (like small crystals under the skin). They will bring balance to this area which corresponds to a different part of the body. I have had clients who feel tingling sensations in their body corresponding to the part of the foot I am working on.

On rare occasions, some clients may even feel a bit of pain, when certain parts of the foot are touched. Generally, the client  feels relaxed or will have a sense of “lightness”.

Feedback during the session is encouraged, and you can request that the session stop at any time.

But I don’t like anyone seeing my feet

The amount of people I have come across who don’t like their feet and don’t like anyone else looking at them either.  Well, I am here to tell you that Reflexologists are so comfortable working with feet that they don’t mind what your feet look like.  Feet tell a story.

However, if you still don’t feel comfortable getting Reflexology on your feet, why not try Reflexology of the face.   Not only are you balancing the body through reflexes on the face, but you are also getting a lovely anti aging facial massage.

Focus of your Treatment

No matter what your presenting condition is (it could be stress, migraine, constipation, nausea, sciatica), the therapist will gently work the whole body first but will pay particular attention to the corresponding area on the foot relating to the presenting condition.

Every internal organ, gland, muscle group, bones, lymphatic system and nerve network are worked during a session.


What happens at the end of the treatment ?

I like to close the session with holding the Solar Plexus points and getting the client to take 3 big breaths. This process gently brings the client back in to the room.  You can take your time and you will be offered a drink of water and advised to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day.

After your Treatment
Most people get no reaction at all after a treatment however, others may have a healing response which is actually good. The response may include, nausea, frequent urination or bowel movements, mucous discharge, tiredness and enhanced sleep, extra energy, pain relief, emotional release.  Reactions may last 24-48 hours.

Frequency of Treatments

To keep the body in balance, it is advisable to have a treatment every 4 – 6 weeks.  For Fertility Reflexology, the frequency of treatments could be weekly whilst the therapist brings balance to the endocrine system to prepare the body for pregnancy.  Some conditions may also require more frequent treatments but you can discuss this with your therapist.

Can I claim back my Reflexology Treatment Costs ?

Yes, because I am a member of the National Register of Reflexologists in Ireland, this entitles you to claim back part of your treatment costs from your private health insurer.  However, do look at their website or give them a call to see what you are entitled to !


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