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Bringing ✨ Sparkle ✨ back in to your life as you conceive with confidence

Having journeyed on this path myself for 7 years, I know only too well what a rollercoaster ride it can be. I understand the feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty when month after month there is no sign of a pregnancy happening. I understand the anxiety and fear when you are faced with having to go down the medical route and do IVF, ICSI, Iui etc. as I was faced with this myself.

I am passionate about helping other couples who are in the same situation and I aim to make this journey a more positive one for everyone involved.

I can coach and support you from the time you decide you want to have a baby, until the time you hold that baby in your arms.

I believe, and strongly recommend an integrative approach where I use Fertility Reflexology to work the physical body by using specific reflexology routines for each week of the cycle or each step of the IVF process. These will stimulate the reproductive system and bring the endocrine system, responsible for the hormones, back in to balance.

I use the Fertile Body Method to reinforce positivity through visualisations which is especially good whilst going through IVF.

And I use EFT Tapping, a simple technique, to reduce cortisol levels, eliminate stress and anxiety and to deal with any past traumas which can be blocking conception such as miscarriage or a traumatic birth.
There could also be other past traumas, not related to fertility, which can cause a block in the body.

See below for more information on these.

Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method uses “Mind and Body” techniques such as Visualisations, Relaxation and
Emotional Freedom Technique
(also known as EFT or tapping). It is designed to help to you identify healthy goals for fertility, and to resolve mental, emotional and physical factors that may be affecting your fertility.

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique, is an effective, calming and gentle technique which is also known as Emotional Acupuncture (i.e. Acupuncture without the needles). It is a wonderfully simple and fast acting technique which helps to gently remove the negative emotional charge attached to physical and emotional issues.

Fertility Reflexology

Who would believe that this luxurious and pampering Reflexology treatment is amazing for your body, your mind and also your reproductive system ! And whilst Fertility Reflexology will work on the physical body, the use of the Fertile Body Method (visualisations) and EFT Tapping are phenomenal for the emotional body......

Short Yoga Practice to Balance the Masculine and Feminine body and remove blocked energy from the Pelvic area.



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