I am now trained to teach my clients how to use the device. I also have permission to sell the device, if you are looking for one !

Preparing for Birth with The Winner Flow Device

What is the Winner Flow Device ?

The Winner Flow device is a wonderful little medical device which can be used from the second trimester. It works with the breath to help lengthen the exhale whilst working the Transverse Abdominus muscles and also the pelvic floor and the diaphragm. It does this by the use of a gauge which puts a restriction on the exhale, lengthening it and activating the muscles.

How would you use it during Pregnancy ?

This device is used 2-3 a week and is great for the following;

  • Gets you physically ready for the birth

  • Anxiety and panic attacks, as the slower breathing brings a calm to the body

  • Constipation

  • Tension in the back muscles

  • It helps to avoid Diastasis Recti (tummy muscles split in the middle

  • Helps to keep the pelvic floor intact

  • Maintains the abdominal muscles

  • Maintains good respiratory capacity

  • Protects the Perineum

  • Prevents urinary leaks

  • Can help to prepare you for sleep

Using the Winner Flow for Labour

During labour, breathing out through the Winner Flow activates the muscles which promotes a more efficient descent for the baby whilst providing better pain management.

It will also;

  • Helps to avoid tearing

  • Helps to avoid episiotomy

  • Supports the pelvic floor

  • It can help to get the foetus in to the proper position

  • It will keep both mum and baby Oxygenated and helps to regulate the foetal heart rate during labour

  • You will feel more in control of your labour

  • Lesser use of instruments during the birth

  • It can reduce neck pain for the baby

  • Can be used with or without an epidural

Post Natal use of the Winner Flow

You can use your device after baby has arrived

  • It can help with the first bowel movement

  • Helps to work the pelvic floor muscles

  • Will strengthen the Transverse Abdominus muscles

It is important that you get properly trained in how to use this device during pregnancy and for labour. This can be done online or in person, if you are attending my Pregnancy Yoga class



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